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CannaBeard Cup Rd.2 ‘Solo-Cup Auto Grow’

Round 2 Sponsored by ILGM:


Estimated Start Date:

- Late May, Approximately 4-6 weeks* *Approx. 2 weeks for registration, 2 weeks for mailing time and a 2-week cushion. (Subject to change if necessary.



- To Register for the CannaBeard Cup Rd.2 complete the Round 2 Registration Form on: including your Name, Email Address, Discord Username (Recommended), Social Media Platform (Instagram and/or Twitter) and your Social Media Handle(s) for your chosen Social Media Platform(s).


- To participate in the CannaBeard Cup Rd.2 you need to acquire at least 1x viable seed of Cheese Autoflower by ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana). You can purchase Cheese Autoflower Seeds using the affiliate link:


- There is no limit for entry numbers into the CannaBeard Cup Rd.2, anyone who has completed the Registration Form and has the Cheese Autoflower Seed(s) by ILGM can participate in Round 2.


- Join the Discord Community: to stay up to date and keep an eye out for more opportunities and chances to win FREE Cheese Autoflower Seeds leading up to the start of Round 2.



Rules & Guidelines:

- 2-Cup Grow-System. Growers can use a maximum of two (2) Solo-Cups as well as some small craft items when constructing their Cup-System. 

Growers may also incorporate a small pump for use inside of the Cup-System only.
(Not to be used outside of Cup-System i.e. in saucer/small tray.)

All substrates must also be contained within the Cup-System.

A saucer/small tray can be used under your Cup-System but can only be used for watering, drainage/runoff and/or bottom feeding.

Growers are asked to upload photos with brief descriptions weekly or at minimum fortnightly to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtags #CannaBeardCup2 and #ILGM

Subscribe to CannaBeardGrows YouTube: (Recommended)
Check out our awesome Discord Community: (Recommended)


Seed Lottery:

- Due to ILGM being unable to sell seeds directly to Canadian customers. They have provided us with 50x Cheese Autoflower Seeds to give away for FREE!* *Limit 1x Cheese Autoflower Seed per Grower, subjective to numbers.

- To Register for the Cheese Autoflower Seed Lottery complete the Seed Lottery Registration Form on: including your Name, Email Address, Mailing Address, Phone Number and Discord Username (Recommended).

- You will still need to complete the Round 2 Registration Form as well to officially register for the CannaBeard Cup Rd.2

- Growers Outside of Canada can still enter the seed lottery, but we encourage as many Canadians as possible to enter as they don’t have the option to purchase ILGM seeds the conventional way. To order your pack of Cheese Autoflower Seeds by ILGM use the affiliate link:

- Remember to join the Discord Community to stay up to date and keep an eye out for more giveaways and chances to win FREE Cheese Autoflower Seeds over the next 2-3 weeks.


Judging Format/Structure:

- Round 2 results will be voted on by a panel of judges and scored based on several different areas and aspects throughout the entirety of the grow including harvest.

- Judges will score each on criteria like frequent use of the HASHTAGS, PLANT HEALTH, INNOVATION, ETC. The scores from all judges will then be averaged and the grower awarded their final score/100.


- 1st Place: CannaBeard Cup Rd.2 WINNERS Trophy

- 2nd & 3rd Places: CannaBeard Cup Rd.2 Runners Up Trophy

- Some Participants: Commemorative CannaBeard Cup Rd.2 Coin/Token*

- *Must finish the grow and receive a final score to be eligible for prizes

- Subject to change (ya never know)

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